Def Stan Standards Cancelled

Posted October 28thth, 2013 by Michael Mulqueen (e-mail) (phone: 01202 895 595)

DSTAN, the MoD body responsible for standardisation has cancelled the following specifications:

These specifications can still be used for legacy products but are not recommended for new products. Metal Finishings Ltd welcome this news because the Def Stans have become increasingly out of touch with modern practices and changes to environmental good practice.

We suggest that customers consider the following replacements:

Cancelled Def StanTreatmentMetal Finishings Ltd's Preferred Replacement
Def Stan 03-2 Process M PassivationStainless Steel PassivationASTM A967 Nitric 1
Def Stan 03-18Chromate Conversion CoatingSince hexavalent conversion coatings are being phased out, we do not recommend changing this specification.
Def Stan 03-20Zinc PlatingWe suggest ISO 2081
Def Stan 03-25Sulphuric Acid Anodising (SAA)For commercial applications we suggest ISO 7599 and for aerospace applications we recommend MIL-A-8625 Type 2.
Def Stan 03-26Hard AnodisingThis was superseded long ago by BS 5599, which has in turn been superseded by ISO 10074.

Please note the above are suggestions from Metal Finishings Ltd, not official advice from DSTAN. There is no formal path for replacement of most of the Def Stans because they have been cancelled not superseded.

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