Offer to Hobbyists and Students

Posted May 9thth, 2014 by Michael Mulqueen (e-mail) (phone: 01202 895 595)

At Metal Finishings Ltd, we are keen to give back to the community. For many years now, we have offered free or reduced cost treatments to students. We have decided now to introduce a special offer to students and hobbyists.

We are believers in the DIY movement at Metal Finishing Ltd and benefit from using open source technologies such as Linux, Python and Arduino, so we want to help the community out. So if you are a hobbyist making something interesting or a student making something for a class - we'll offer our services for free - for example anodising or electroplating. You will have to cover postage/courier fees as applicable.

Mark your e-mail for the attention of Michael Mulqueen and please don't forget to describe the product and parts. If you're happy with the service and surface treatment that you receive, all we ask is that you mention us or leave us a review.

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