Using anodising, it is possible to colour titanium. This coating is a titanium oxide with the structure determining the colour. This anodising process is popular for decorative purposes and for colour coding. It is capable of generating shades of the following colours:

Titanium anodising cannot produce red or black.

Colour anodising on titanium is most suited to parts with a bright surface finish. On matt surfaces colour intensity decreases.

We also offer anodising to ISO 8080, which produces a blue/purple finish for specific, non-cosmetic purposes on titanium. Colour anodising on aluminium is available as well.

RoHS and REACH Compliance

Our titanium anodising is both RoHS and REACH compliant.

Minimum Spend

Please note that to colour titanium anodising a minimum monthly spend of £1,500 and an 12 month commitment is required due to process setup costs. This does not apply to any others of our treatments such as ISO 8080 anodising and <a href=”anodising on aluminium.