Alocrom 1000

Why choose chromate conversion coatings?

  • Corrosion resistant
  • Good paint base
  • Electrically conductive option
  • Cost effective

Specifications that we offer:

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Alocrom 1000 is a specialised chromate conversion coating, that imparts good corrosion resistance and good electrical conductivity (low contact resistance) with minimal colouration. Alocrom 1000 is marketed under the name Alodine 1000 outside of the UK, both products are made by Henkel and are the same except for the name. Drawings calling for Alodine 1000 can be coated with Alocrom 1000 and vice versa.

Alocrom 1000/Alodine 1000 is on the QPL list for MIL-DTL-5541 (MIL-QPL-81706).


Specifications Offered

We can work to many other specifications, but the above are our most popular. Please contact us with your requirements.

RoHS Compliance

Alocrom 1000 is not RoHS compliant. We offer RoHS compliant alternatives to Alocrom 1000.