The Alocrom 1200 process is the main chromate conversion coating that we provide. Alocrom 1200 is marketed under the name Alodine 1200 outside of the UK and drawings calling for Alodine 1200 can be coated with Alocrom 1200 and vice versa.

Alocrom 1200 has a distinctive yellow colour, due to the presence of hexavalent chromium. The intensity of this yellow varies from colourless to deep yellow/orange depending on the desired properies. For example, for maximum electrical conductivity, the coating is colourless to very light yellow, whereas for maximum corrosion protection it is a deeper yellow.

Alocrom 1200/Alodine 1200 is on the QPL list for MIL-DTL-5541 (MIL-QPL-81706).

Alocrom exhibits a degree of self-healing to minor damage, such as small scratches. In the presence of moisture, it leaches chromium (VI), which acts as a corrosion inhibitor at the damage sites.

Alocrom is frequently specified as a pre-treatment prior to painting. Our in house state-of-the-art paint spraying facility has the capability to apply a wide range of paints, including etch primers, epoxy primers and a variety of top coats such as epoxies and polyurethanes. The close working relationship between our paint and treatment departments means that we are able to ensure that time limits are observed and that coatings show good intercoat adhesion. Our customers are able to benefit in using a "one stop shop" for their coatings and value the ability to make one company responsible for the performance of the whole coating system.

Corrosion Resistance

Electrical Conductivity

Specifications Offered

We can work to many other specifications, but the above are our most popular. Please contact us with your requirements.

RoHS Compliance

Alocrom 1200 is not RoHS compliant. We offer RoHS compliant alternatives to Alocrom 1200.