Painting and Priming

As a NADCAP & AS9100 accredited paint facility, Metal Finishings Limited offers a variety of paint coatings, generally sprayed wet paints (solvent or water based) including:

Prior to painting, we can pre-treat parts to your specifications (common pretreatments are Alocrom 1200, Surtec 650V or unsealed chromic anodising), blast and/or apply an etch prime.

We can apply a wide range of paints, including epoxy (1 or 2 part) and polyurethane.

Why choose Metal Finishings Ltd?

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Current Applied Coatings

UK Defense Standards

  • Def Stan 80-25
  • Def Stan 80-161
  • Def Stan 80-208

Cromadex Paints

  • Cromadex 600
  • Cromadex 903
  • Cromadex 750

British Standard Paints

  • BS2X32
  • BS2X33
  • BS2X34

Akzonobel Paints

  • BMS10-20
  • MEP 10-059
  • Akzonobel 10P20-13
  • Akzonobel 10P20-44
  • 44GN011
  • Integral Fuel Tank Coating 454-4-1

PPG Paints

  • PR30BZP
  • PR143
  • PR205
  • EC75
  • CA7041
  • Desothane CA8311
  • Desothane CA8360
  • Desothane CA8300

Mankiewicz Paints

  • Mankiewicz SEEVENAX 313-02
  • Mankiewicz SEEVENAX 113-22

US-Military Paints

  • MIL-PRF-22750G
  • MIL-DTL-53072
  • MIL-DTL-53022
  • MIL-DTL-64159

Indestructible Paints

  • IP-6700
  • IP-6273
  • IP-9064
  • IP-6270
  • IP-6383

Trimate Paints

  • A98
  • AP45
  • A46
  • S61
  • S59
  • SP59
  • HP20

Other Paints

  • SP1050
  • AERODUR 2100
  • AEROWAVE 5001
  • ACROLON C750V2

Through our supply chain, we are able to source paints from companies including Trimite, Indestructible Paints, PPG PRC-DeSoto, HMG and Akzo. We have experience of paint on various substrates, including aluminium, steel, titanium, stainless steel, nickel super alloys (such as Inconel) and lead. Masking is available.

Dry film lubricants are also offered.


Our purpose built paint facility is designed with aerospace quality in mind. We can handle lengths of up to 3 metres in our spray-bake booth and bake up to 120°C, minimising the risk of any contamination. A high temperature oven is available for smaller parts with higher curing temperatures (e.g. for dry film lubricants) and this can operate up to 300°C with a very high degree of control and uniformity as required by aerospace specifications.

Paint spraying at Metal Finishings Ltd